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Top Sailing Destinations in Greece


Santorini, or Thira, is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is situated between the islands Ios and Anafi in the south of Aegean Sea. Santorini was the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the world and what remains today is a submerged volcano and a caldera. Amazing villages has been constructed on the edge of this caldera with breathtaking view to the sea. Santorini is famous for dramatic views, stunning sunsets from Oia town, the volcano and the luxurious resorts. This may be the most photographed scenery in the world. And what about the view from the bridge deck of your yacht? Naturally fantastic beaches, blue sky, little white houses perched on gigantic rocks on hills, pink and white churches, take your pick.



Zakynthos, or Zante, is a Greek island located south of Kefalonia. It is the third largest island and one of the most beautiful and popular islands in the Ionian Sea. Zahynthos is world famous for the crystal beaches and the intense nightlife. The superb beaches of Zahynthos are famous for their virgin beauty andemerald waters. They are also hosting the last and most important concentration of loggerhead sea turtles „Caretta Caretta“ nesting sites in the Mediterranean. The most famous beach on Zahynthos is Navagio beach, a secluded cove with golden sand and exotic turquoise waters. This cove can be reached only by boat and has a wrecked ship on its shore. Other beautiful beaches are situated on the southern side of the island.