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Sailboats and Sailing Guide

Sailing for Beginners

Learn to Sail

When enquiring about how to learn more about sailboats and sailing the seafarers will tell you: "It couldn't be easier". There are two ways to learn how to sail: with the help of a skipper or taking sailing lessons. Every skipper that you hire will be happy to tell you the "secrets" on how to navigate a sailboat in all weather conditions. A skipper will teach you about the winds, waves and the ways to anchor and moor in harbors, although it could seem impossible. However, if you want to have your own license and navigate sailboats, you have to take a sailing course or classes lasting several days - about which your charter agency will provide you with more information, since every sailing school offers different programs and prices.

Sailing Season

Best Sailing Season?

Sailing season in Europe starts in late spring - in April - and lasts until June when the winds are most favorable. Sailing is also very popular during hot summer months when seafarers prefer sailing to the most frequented tourist destinations and beaches where they have fun, sunbathe and relax in some secret bay or cove. The season when the stronger winds are present lasts from September until mid-November, and there is a great increase in numbers of boats in full sails. The sailing adventure is at its peak! In exotic destinations such as the Caribbean islands and Seychelles, the sailing season starts in mid-November and lasts until the end of May. June, July and August are the rainiest months. The hurricane season runs from September until mid-November.