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Sailing tips - sailboat charter price and safety on board

Sailboat Charter - price

How Important Is Sailboat Charter Price?

Do not let the price be the single most important factor when choosing the sailboat for charter. Take into consideration  the charter company, its reputation, the quality of the sailboats and not just the sailboat charter price. It is only a small portion of the sailing expenses and a cheaper sailboat can usually mean more problems. Choosing the cheapest sailboat usually points to the fact that an old sailboat is probably without some important equipment or you will encounter problems while sailing. Therefore, the most important sailing tips are: choose a sailboat that fits your needs and enjoy smooth sailing!

Sailboats and safety

Safety on board

When traveling on a sailboat take care of your safety and the safety of the crew and the sailboat. It is important to know the right of way rules in order to avoid collision with other boats. Before heading out sailing, check the safety equipment on board - lifebelts, fire extinguishers; horn, whistle or bell; torches; radar reflector and all the necessary documents. Stay calm in dangerous situations, do not panic and follow the sailing route. Children must, in any given moment, wear lifebelts. When sailing alone, use a lifebelt. Rehearse the man overboard maneuver beforehand in case of somebody falling off boat. Use VHF radio when sailing and watch for sunburn, sunstroke and hypothermia.