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Why Charter a Sailboat in Our Agency?

Sailboat Charter - Your Most Exciting Sailing Adventure!


Charter a sailboat and you have chosen a reliable, professional partner that considers the quality of service as most important and makes your every sailing wish come true!


Sailboat Charter is part of the Sailing Europe Group, and part of the nautical tourism for more than a decade. It gained the reputation as one of the leading agencies, offering sailboat charter services.



Sailboat Charter - The Most Exciting Sailing Adventure!

Sailboat Charter is part of the leading Sailing Europe Group, promoting sailing, ecology awareness and living in accordance with sea and nature.


Our mission is to enrich lives of our clients by offering unique sailing packages, customized specially for them and according to their needs, discovering Mediterranean sailing destinations and popular destinations all around the world.


We invested many years of gathering, choosing and publishing one of the largest online data bases of sailboats in order for you to choose among different sailboat models according to your needs and wishes!


Our headquarters are in Zagreb. While working in this business we have gained knowledge about every part of the Adriatic coast. We know owners of small, family restaurants serving Mediterranean specialties. And international specialties, too. We know local winemakers offering wine from autochthonous grape varieties. 


Customer satisfaction and safety are our priorities. Keeping the environment clean and respecting the rules of sea ecosystem preservation are extremely important to us. We will take you to stunning, untouched beaches, but, at the same time, we will preserve the beauty of the environment and keep it clean for new visitors and the next generation.


Visit our website A Yacht Charter Group for more sailboat charter information and read our tips. We have prepared many specialized websites in different languages, such as A Yacht Charter Croatia, with details about sailboat charter in Croatia, or Ecco Vela Croazia for Italian speakers. Alquiler Veleros Hola gives information about sailboats in Spanish language and we have also prepared a website in French language Oui Location Bateau and Max Plachetnice in Czech language. If you want more information in Croatian language, visit Brodovi Najam


Sail with us and go on the most exciting sailing adventure!

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Our agency will take care of all the necessary details to make your sailing vacations unforgettable - sail with us!


Sailboat Charter and boat rental throughout the Mediterranean, taking care of your wishes and needs. Customer satisfaction is our priority!


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